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Focus Nutritional Medicine/Functional Medicine 

As a Functional  Medicine practice we specialise in  Clinical, Functional  integrative, Holistic  and Nutritional medicine  to help individuals achieve optimum health and wellbeing and also manage  Chronic pain and Chronic disease.

    We embrace the philosophy on focusing  on the individual as a whole. Through functional medicine approach we strive to determine the root cause of each disease and why, using a system- oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership rather then simply making a diagnosis and then determining which drugs and surgery would be best to treat condition.

Functional Medicine practitioners dive deep into the patients history and biochemistry and ask why the patient is ill. It is the evolution in the practice of “medicine” that better addresses the healthcare needs of the patients of the 21st  century.  It is highly personalised and  requires a detailed analysis of an individuals genetic makeup.

Focus Nutritional Medicine is an evidence-based practice that uses the latest scientific research along with nutritional biochemistry to prevent and manage chronic diseases,  mental health, gut disorders, general health and wellness, weight loss, fitness & sports nutrition.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be Thy Food”

I have been struggling with  many chronic diseases for many many years and have seen doctor after doctor , specialist after specialist  for years and  haven’t  gotten any where with my health i, if anything i keep declining. I ended up  with mental health problem on top of all my illnesses as i had lost the fight !

Then i was introduced to Liza – Everyone needs to know  that her services exist- I wish i knew of her earlier. As Functional Medicine  practitioner and clinical nutritionist she  looked at EVERYTHING that  was  going on with me  not just the one thing.   My first consult was so thorough  i have never  ever experienced that with the  multiple practitioners i had seen over the past 15 years ( 2hr.20 mins),  I am a complicated case and she has been my savour:)

1st time in years  I have felt normal again and i can actually do things that a normal human being can do !!! I have been able to  understand my body , its triggers and how to manage my life through nutrition, supplements, lifestyle and recreation . I know know what to do when i have flare up and i know i have Liza right by my side – she is an incredibly empathetic  practitioner who really cares about  her patients and ensuring they get the results they want to live an optimal life.

Book any appointment  with her today especially  if you have had no luck anywhere else- and feel like you have tried everything – BELIEVE ME you wont be sorry . She is amazing.


I met Liza after my first round of chemotherapy for breast cancer. I wasn’t in a good way and actually wondered how by body and my mind was going to cope with these horrendous treatments. Then came Liza ! She taught me what foods to eat to help by body cope. She never tried to take away what my specialists were trying to do but tried to work with them for the best outcome. She got me through – it’s that simple. Diet, supplements, exercise and most of all, listening to me and how I was coping. She was positive , encouraging and adaptable. Honestly one of the most amazing women I have met. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Liza to guide and help anyone through their health journey.  xo

Karen Carrier

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