BHSc (Nutritional Medicine); AFMPC; Certified Integrative Oncology; ANTA; ANutr; Sports Sc (ACHPER);  ASCTA; Cert IV TAE

Having personal experience with multiple complicated health issues, I am passionate about helping people to achieve optimum health through diet and exercise. After spending my youth, teenage and young adult years as an athlete in multiple sports, I decided to dedicate my  career  to the fitness industry , educating, coaching and mentoring  children , adolescence  and adults for over 25 years. I then  decided to  do further studies in   Nutritional Medicine to be able to offer clients a broader approach to improving health and wellbeing.

Currently Im Studying  Integrative Oncology as well as studying with the “Institute of Function Medicine”  in America to become  Western Australias Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

I also  mentor athletes  to achieve there goals through addressing their nutritional intake and looking at their exercise requirements, lifestyle and how these impact on the symptoms they present with.

Working with  Western Medicine in those patients with chronic illness, we endeavour to support the body through clinical, holistic , integrative and functional nutrition to support  all the body’s systems.

With a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) and  other tertiary qualifications in fitness, I utilise an evidence-based approach and the latest scientific research to formulate personalised individual treatment plans for my clients, no matter what symptoms or medical issues they’re dealing with. I have a strong background  in  Sports nutrition and treating clients with autoimmune conditions, mental health problems, children’s health, endocrinological disorders, cancer, rare diseases and gut disorders.

I am dedicated to helping my clients, no matter how complicated their health concerns may be. I’ve spent many years helping others including my family and friends overcome their health challenges as well as my own health issues.

I am a compassionate and non-judgemental practitioner with experience dealing with a wide range of symptoms and medical conditions. If you’re looking for  a functional medicine clinician  or tailored nutrition, fitness advice, or you feel like you’ve tried everything to get better and have had no joy, contact me today for a consult.

My   FOCUS  is to listen to my patients and identifying the cause of the symptom(s),  I  endeavour to help patients understand  what is happening and FOCUS  on re-educating them to acquire optimum health and wellbeing and prevent further heath problems or chronic disease.