I started seeing Liza a few years back. I was really struggling with anxiety and lack of energy. I had tried so many treatments including medication, but these were such short term fixes I was really looking for more of a sustainable solution. From the first appointment, there was an instant connection and I knew straight away I was going to get the help I needed. I really trusted Liza and I even referred my husband to see her. Over the years, she gave us valuable advice around how to use food to manage anxiety. Liza really helped me listen and understand my body and most importantly, she helped me manage my mental health for my wedding. We have taken the information and knowledge from Liza and have easily incorporated it into our everyday lives. This is what makes it so beneficial. We now feel like we have the capacity to manage life’s challenges and we know Liza will always be there if we hit a few hurdles along the way.

Kate Waylen