“Wow” and “Amazing” are two words I now often hear from friends and that is how I feel about Liza Ranelli at Focus Nutritional Medicine. 

I went to see Liza about 6 months ago to gain some assistance and motivation to help me lose weight and learn about what would and wouldn’t work for me and during all of this keeping me motivated. Liza also had the task of working with my food allergies, fussy diet, exercise limitations due to very arthritic and injured body and my very busy and extremely social lifestyle. I am so incredibly happy and pleased beyond words with all the support, encouragement, assistance and fantastic ideas that I have gained from my sessions with Liza at Focus Nutritional Medicine. Apart from having lost and continue to lose weight an many centimetres I am now far better equipped to make healthy choices, to understand what foods work for me and my lifestyle and to maintain focus and motivation. I cannot thank Liza enough for her incredible and amazing expertise and for helping me so much make important and necessary life changes. 

It has and continues to be a very rewarding experience. It is simply WOW!!

Michelle Nichols