Weight loss

Do you need help with weight loss?

Do you want to reach optimal health, gain some energy and increase your confidence? Do you have trouble sleeping, hormonal problems, too reliant on stimulants? Have you been trying to remove a few kilos but can’t?

If this sounds like you, then you may be going about it the wrong way!

There is always more than one body system involved when trying to remove that extra weight. It may be time to see a professional qualified practitioner that can lead you to your desired optimal life.

Did you know that Cocoa can support healthy eating patterns and assist in managing carbohydrate cravings? It contains Methylxanthines, which help with appetite regulation as well as mood and hunger cravings. It also facilitates the synthesis of serotonin and inhibits its reuptake – enhancing the presynaptic neurons in the brain (Dulloo et al., 2009).

Green tea helps prevent overweight and obese patients from cardiovascular disease by decreasing body weight and waist circumference in overweight and obese patients. Green tea works by inhibiting lipases and the stimulation of thermogenesis. It can also increase energy expenditure by a mean of 330KJ, (Phytomedicine 2002; p.9)

Sweet Pepper is a key component for significant abdominal fat loss. Double blind placebo trials by Snitker et al (2009), showed that sweet pepper in the right dosage supports weigh loss by promoting energy expenditure, thermoregulation and weight management.

So if you want help losing a few kilos to prevent cardiovascular disease and reach optimal health – contact Focus Nutritional Medicine and book an appointment today!

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